Women's Rights and Family Rights

Women's rights are forcefully under attack in a manner that hasn't been witnessed in over a generation.

We must stand with our women allies to push back against this assault on basic human rights.

Every woman deserves to have complete and utter body autonomy. I will fight for that right and will speak up against any legislation that is designed to hurt women.

  • 57% of women in the United States work
  • 70% of working women are mothers
  • 25% of working women receive paid maternity leave
We are working our parents and grandparents in this nation to death! This is no exaggeration.

Both fathers and mothers deserve to have time to mentor and guide their children through their adolescent journey. Far too often parents end up working multiple part-time jobs without benefits in order to put food on the table.

More often than not, even multiple jobs still do not provide enough money to pay the bills.

The overwork conditions in the United States are directly responsible for 120,000 preventable and early deaths annually; more than diabetes, influenza, or alzheimers!

The stress of working without healthcare and being underpaid while the annual cost of living rises has given rise to the great number of heart conditions, cardiovascular problems, and mental health issues plaguing our nation

This also costs American taxpayers an additional $180 billion in healthcare every single year.

In addition to a living wage we must:

  • Protect labor by ensuring that collective bargaining rights are strengthened, not weakened
  • Enact into legislation the right to a consistent schedule for hourly paid employees
  • Protect good businesses that doesn't prey upon their customers or employees
  • Encourage MicroBusiness Growth (companies with 5 workers or less - which comprise 92% of the US Economy)
  • Ensure equal pay for equal work 
    • Fight for the implementation of the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution

Paid Family and Parental Leave

We will fight to enact into law these guarantees

  • 6 weeks paid leave to every worker in America
  • 3 months parental leave for new mothers and fathers

It is beyond time that we started focusing on what matters in this nation: quality of life.

Our economy will thrive whether we treat our workers well or we exploit them. It is time to bring morality back into politics.

This is the moral thing to do.
It is the just thing to do.
It is the right thing to do. 

And it's finally time to do it once and for all!