National Security

The number one threat to the national security of the U.S. is climate change, and we must declare war! This is not a partisan issue. Many hawks on the right, such as General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis, agree with me on this assessment. This is an urgent matter we must attend to.

Climate change not only affects oceans, sea life, land, and our own lives, but is also shown to be one of the largest contributors to terrorism. Terrorists can find weak and exploitable communities, offering them nothing but clean water in order to engage in terrorist missions.

It works because no one wants to watch their children dehydrate or starve to death. Only .07% of the Earth's water is drinkable, and that is shrinking every day due to climate change.

We have to ask ourselves:

What kind of future are we leaving for our children and beyond if we continue to destroy our planet?
— Mike Hartley

We must take every measure imaginable to ensure that we are preserving our planet, as it is the only one we have.

Beyond that, we have to protect our homeland. We must work together with our allies to confront terrorism. This includes our fight against enemies in Syria, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, Northern and Eastern Africa, and Russia.

There has been a shift by many of our enemies towards cyber-terrorism, and must be willing to use every available resource to prevent these attacks and to pursue our aggressors. There are certain legal safeguards these cyber-criminals utilize as safety loopholes.

We must ensure that data can be accessed to find the cyber-terrorists without bringing harm or exposing sensitive information of any law-abiding citizens.