Mike Hartley speaks on his bipartisan voting record

I am aware of the concerns related to my voting record.

As a citizen who puts community and country above party, I have previously voted in both Democratic and Republican primaries.

I believe it is our duty as voters to research individual candidates and make informed decisions when choosing who we would like to elect to public offices.

I have a bipartisan voting record in my own personal history and I hope to bring that ideal forward when I step into the U.S. House of Representatives. That is not something I will shy away from nor be ashamed of.

I have been involved volunteering with the Democratic Party since 2008 after ending my service in the Army.  

While many may focus on the disagreements we may have with people of opposing political views, not enough is focused on where we do agree; on our common ground.

I wish to make a stand, and provide an alternative vision of what is possible for not only our district but the state and nation as well.  

The public knows what changes need to be made, it is simply a matter of summoning the political willpower to enact this vision of economic and social justice.

- Mike Hartley