Not Just Jobs, Economic Security


We will work to build our entire district by pursuing high wage jobs and a fair minimum wage that rises with inflation. While the southern portion of our district is thriving, the rest has been struggling for years. We must ensure that all of our district has the opportunity to be economically secure and cannot allow this class divide to continue.

As a community, we will bring all of the 5th district together so that everyone can be economically secure.


We Believe In Medicare for All

While the cost of American healthcare continues to skyrocket for families, no one is talking about the obvious solution: Single Payer Healthcare. The average annual cost for an American to receive healthcare is $10,000.

Under a Medicare for All system, that would fall to only $1,100 for a middle class family of four. We can do better, and we will.


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Be part of a movement to take back Congress from special interests, including millionaires and billionaires and Wall Street bankers.

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Grassroots funded

We are sustained by your individual donations only. This is a people's campaign operated by the people's money and accountable only to you!



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