It is an undeniable fact that climate change is the greatest threat to our environment and national security.

These two issues are forever intertwined, and anyone that denies otherwise is most likely involved in the discussion because of money.

What we know:

  • Tens of thousands of trees are cut down every day without a plan to rebuild the forests.
  • .07% of the world's water supply is drinkable.
  • Each year is successively hotter than any previous on record.
  • Terrorist organizations use the lack of food, water, and natural resources that are the result of the effects of global climate change to recruit families into their ranks by simply feeding them and giving them water.
  • The Trump Administration has proposed drastic funding cuts towards studying global climate change.
  • Streets in Miami flood year round due to the rise of the ocean and they are not the only city affected by rising oceanography.
  • Our coastal cities are in great danger of becoming underwater cities unless we confront this now.
  • The Oil Industry, including ExxonMobil which was formerly headed by Rex Tillerson, have been preparing their oil rigs for global climate change since the 1980's and lying to the public about it's true devastating effects.
  • Some farming communities have been devastated year in and year out by the swing effect of global climate change. Without direct intervention farming communities around the world will watch as their yields continue to falter.

What we must do:

  • Declare War against Global Climate Change! It is the greatest threat to our planet and our National Security.
  • Increase NASA funding to research Global Climate Change and its devastating effects
  • Ensure we have an equitable solution to replant and replenish any and all trees and nature we tear down for industry
  • Push for energy independence from the Oil Industry. Not only is it a danger to national security, but renewable energies are actually more profitable than oil and coal combined!
  • Organize - This campaign alone cannot accomplish the lasting change needed. Only you can!

There is a long journey ahead of us.

The current administration’s policy actions are a direct threat to national security and the environment. It cannot be laid out in any simpler terms.
— - Mike Hartley

It's Up To You

This campaign cannot take on the large task of environmental protections without you, the people. We need you.

Join us.