The schools in the southern part of our district are some of the best in the state.We have to take what works to our other school districts. Every student has a right to a good education and we need to ensure schools have adequate resources to give every student the opportunity to succeed.

Teaching to the test is not the answer, nor is giving excessive homework, as research has shown. The average American kindergarten student receives three times the recommended amount of homework, adding unnecessary stress which deteriorates their learning environment.

We need to look not only at what works here, but consider alternatives to the system we have in place from around the world. Far too often when international exchange students come to the U.S., they complain about boredom and find little challenge as our high school classes fall years behind their European counterparts.

The market and the future is focused on the tech industry and our K-12 education should evolve to give students the opportunity to learn these skills so that they enter the job market prepared.

We should be working with local businesses, legislators, school boards, and state representatives so that sponsored programs are available to all students.