Not Just Jobs - Economic Security

Far too often when politicians make promises about getting jobs for constituents, they ignore the issues that led us to job loss in the first place. It's time we partnered the technological, education, and business communities, as well as legislators.

The key isn't just getting jobs to move to where we work and live. We must have a sustainable economy that is built upon our communities. Those initiatives lie with cooperation between the local governments attracting technology companies, local schools building curriculums upon the high tech industry, and coordination by elected leaders to give necessary assistance to the local leaders while incentivizing the business community to take part.

Education programs paid for by these industries must become the standard as a form of investment. The government should have an equally vested interest. These are neither radical nor unattainable concepts, and have been attempted successfully throughout the world, the United States, and in communities right here in Indiana.

We are preparing a full-scale economic security package to be published; one that works for the people, and not just the billionaire class.